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Web dispatch panel.

Dear clients and demo applicants, we would like to offer you the web dispatch version of the dispatch panel. It is based on the functionality of Windows dispatch platform, but not so complicated for the newcomers. You will still be available to register new drivers, dispatch jobs manually and automatically, track your jobs and fleet of taxis in real-time.

By default, we offer all demo applicants to test the Windows version as it is more professional from the viewpoint of functionality. If you do not want to get deep into program testing or you simply don't have Windows OS to test the Windows dispatch panel feel free to contact us and apply for web version testing. Just let us know that you would like to try the web version and we will send you the link for web panel registration.

Quite soon, when we finish the instructions for the web version testing this version will be sent to clients by default, instead of the Windows dispatch panel. All the apps are compatible with the web dispatch panel as well as the Windows panel. So you will not have to reconfigure the apps if you would like to test the web version along with the Windows version.

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