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On-demand software. What is it?

A lot of clients are searching for Uber software alternatives to stay competitive in taxi business. And this remains one of the most discussed issues in our online conversations with potential customers. Today we decided to explain the meaning of "On-demand" software for you to understand what it means. The following information will not deal with competitive software, just pure theory for your information.

The business model, introduced by Uber has given rise to a wide list of on-demand platforms that are adapted for different verticals. So what is meant by this concept?

Techopedia gives us the following definition: "On-demand software is a type of software delivery model that is deployed and managed on a vendor’s cloud computing infrastructure and accessed by users over the Internet as and when required. On-demand software enables a user/organization to subscribe to software on a pay-as-you-go, monthly billing method. On-demand software is also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), online software and cloud-based software.

The main benefit of this software is that companies don't have to buy their own software. The customer pays a flat monthly fee to use the software and can decommission services anytime. On-demand software also eliminates the need for in-house server hardware and other operational expenses, as well as the staff required to manage the software. The on-demand software can be accessed anytime globally from the Internet in a standard Web browser on most end devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. The vendor, in turn, is responsible for ensuring the software’s availability, back-end security and management and versioning control".

Now, when you have some theory let us get to the key point, answering your favorite questions:

- Is your software similar to Uber platform and clones?

- We have never tried to create a clone as well as we have always tried to develop some new project with unique functionality. TaxiAdmin platform is a SaaS software, providing competitive and professional automated solution to taxi companies, not individual drivers. It means that individual drivers are unable to use the driver app if they don't belong to a taxi company. And that is the key difference.

- So what is TaxiAdmin platform?

- We are helping taxi companies to stay competitive in their sphere. That is why both our admin panels (Windows and Web) contain manual dispatching and telephony modules, integrated. You can use both our panels for administration only, but if you are willing to attract more customers, if you have a professional approach to your business, we are ready to offer extra functions, that will be interesting for you. Our driver and passenger apps are tied by the server and can perfectly work together without any need to have the dispatch panel installed or running in the window of your browser. The dispatching mechanism can dispatch jobs by sectors, radially and even with the help of the IVR system.

- But it is more expensive to rent (purchase) server hardware and pay monthly fee. I just want to have driver and passenger apps and earn my money.

- The truth is that any business requires investments and if you invest your money into hardware purchase you stay safe! Vendors who are offering just cloud access with no extra equipment are just fooling clients, telling stories about impressive income. If you treat taxi business as something really easy you are mistaken. Somebody is giving you a website which you can use for making money, but in fact you don't get the desired result. Why? Because this business requires investments and attention. Every function, every new feature like the bonus system, the referral links, credit card payments, SIP and VOIP telephony, SMS informing, voice recording, call-forwarding and so on... They are quite complicated, but if you really want to make money, all these functions, combined into one software can help you with that. We are offering on-demand software which refers to "Cloud" subscription plan. But if you are searching for something really competitive you should consider "Server" plan, that has a huge list of functions. You can compare them here.

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