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Web dispatch panel 1.4.3 (RC)

The web version of the dispatch panel got a couple of minor bug fixes and updates, increasing the speed of jobs processing and the stability of operation. The web panel is available for testing upon applying for demo at our website. The trial period makes up 7 days. After applying for demo, applicants receive reply email with the link and the manual that can help to quickly configure the system.

The web panel is a default panel for Cloud subscribers and it does not require any hardware from the client company, just the computer with any operating system, connected to Internet or even 3/4G and having Chrome browser installed. The web dispatch panel is generally a lite version of the windows dispatch panel with simplified interface and functionality. All the scripts are running in background, no matter if you have any version of the dispatch panel (either web or desktop) running or you just have it shut down. Passengers can still create jobs in the passenger apps and drivers will get those jobs, dispatched by the server.

The web panel, as well as the desktop version, still remains the panel for administration which can be used for call-center aims with the help of specialized equipment, such as the GSM gateway. It has enough functionality to handle an unlimited number of drivers online, because all the processes are done by the servers. Clients can work on TaxiAdmin taxi servers or they can rent their own servers (available for Server subscribers) or even have their servers located in the office of the company.

Feel free to test the web panel and get in touch with TaxiAdmin, one of the leading companies of taxi software development in CIS countries! More and more companies are choosing TaxiAdmin because we offer affordable product that remains highly competitive in any country of the world. Give it a try and if you believe in product functionality - it will soon be approved.

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