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Android driver app update (1.95)

This week Google market has finished updating TaxiAdmin driver application to all 100% drivers. The updated version has a list of major improvements and a couple of new features in comparison to the previous 1.88 version. The new update has been developed for almost 2 months and finally all our clients have a chance to test it themselves. As always, the application has been kindly tested in real-time conditions with the help of our partner taxi companies, using our software for operation.

Improvements and new features are listed below:

  • Added new function to automatically send unconfirmed jobs to "False jobs" in specified time;
  • Upgraded dispatching mechanism;
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when "Advance job" migrated to "Jobs" list;
  • Added promo-code window (for demo applicants only);
  • Upgraded routing function for jobs with both pick-up and drop-off locations;
  • Added function to hide undesired jobs by left swipe gesture;
  • Added "Alert" button in taximeter window and on waiting time counter;
  • Drivers are no longer available to quit from sector if the "Quit" button is disabled in the admin panel;
  • Fixed radial assignment for advance jobs;
  • Fixed an issue when "Vehicle type" was not transmitted for "On street jobs";
  • Added new function to control notification frequency for new jobs;
  • Fixed application crash upon receiving incoming phone calls.
  • Added new feature to deny closing the app by tapping on "Exit" button;
  • Upgraded automatic forced mechanism of sectoring by GPS;
  • Minor bugs fixed.
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