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Taxi operator module update (4.3.1)

TaxiAdmin team has released the update of desktop dispatch panel for Windows OS users. The new update list includes a great variety of improvements and new features. Once again we are pointing out that the desktop version has more features than the web dispatch panel for Chrome browser. All demo applicants are testing web dispatch panel, so if you would like to have a fully functional dispatch panel - feel free to contact us, asking for desktop dispatch panel. On the other side, if you are searching for on-demand platform, similar to Uber, you can use our web dispatch panel just for administration and monitoring.

List of updates and improvements in Taxi Operator module (version 4.3.1):

  • Special events for drivers were applied to all drivers, not depending on chosen ones;
  • Was not saving information about client if text exceeded 200 symbols.
  • Was not calculating waiting time for advance jobs;
  • English localization;
  • Upon switching between program tabs, first job in the list could disappear.
  • Was incorrectly showing units for manual radial search of nearby cars;
  • Was not saving sorting settings in the list of completed jobs;
  • Upon changing total ride fare of completed job, the system was not restoring bonuses to clients who used them;
  • Updated financial report table;
  • Users' permissions in settings are set with the help of checkboxes, not +/- as it used to be;
  • Information about driver. The list of car models and colors are shown now sorted from A to Z;
  • When dispatcher was searching for nearby cars, the system was showing only free drivers. Currently dispatchers can see all cars, even busy and paused;

  • Optimized clients database extraction;
  • Settings - Client application. Increased number of symbols for "About us" and "Greetings" fields from 200 to 1000 symbols.
  • Clients - Clients database. Added possibility to delete client's account.
  • Settings - Users. Added a checkbox to grant / deny access to deleting clients' accounts.
  • The system pre-estimates ride fare, considering time tariffs.
  • Information - Information about client. Added a possibility to change driver ID for existing driver accounts.
  • Completed jobs tab. The report includes the number of bonuses, used by clients to pay for the rides.
  • New jobs tab. The system highlights the price for jobs, created with extra charges. The price is highlighted in bright green color.
  • History of bonuses. The report is now showing bonuses, received for registration in the client app, for registration in the app via referral link and bonuses, restored for completed jobs.
  • Added Ukrainian language support.
  • Added Paymentwall payment gateway.
  • Statistics. Added new report to monitor the number of jobs in specified periods.
  • Settings - Driver application - Display settings. Added a checkbox, allowing to activate notification about new jobs with a possibility to accept the job even if the driver application is minimized.
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