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Attract new passengers? - NP:)

Want to attract new clients or simply promote the passenger app? We know how to help you. For this reason we have developed the new system of bonuses along with a referral module. Our clients and subscribers are already using bonuses and invite their friends. Would you like to join them? The list of availalbe bonuses is given below.

You can attract new passengers with a promo-code. No matter if it is a holiday or any other day, all you need to do is to configure the promo-code via our panel and promote the code anywhere you want: in social media, printed flyers and banners.

Using desktop dispatch panel go to "File" - "Settings" - "Discounts" - "Promo-codes" submenu.
  • Set the day when the promo-code starts being active (Starting date);
  • Set the time when the promo-code starts being active (Starting time);
  • Set the day when the promo-code expires (Expiring date);
  • Set the time when the promo-code expires (Expiring time);
  • Set the promo-code itself (Code text);
  • If you are willing to offer unique promo code that can be used only once by one passenger activate the checkbox. (Uniqueness);
  • Set up the number of bonuses you are going give your passengers via that promo-code. (Bonuses);
  • Set up validity period hours for your promo-code. (Hours);
  • As a result, after your passengers enter the promo-code in the passenger application they get the bonuses that they can use to pay for their rides.

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