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Admin panel update (v4.5)

TaxiAdmin dispatch (admin) panel has a reputation of a highly professional software with simple UI. Yeah, we don't want to stress administrators and dispatchers with a bunch of useless bright buttons. Just functionality and speed - these are the two fundamentals of our system. Check the updates list to find out what new features are available in Taxi Operator Module v. 4.5.

The following list contains all major updates and improvements:

  • Fixed ride fare estimation. In the previous update there was a problem while calculating the ride fare between European cities.

  • Information about driver. Added new option to let you set default tariff in driver taximeter.

  • Yandex maps was sometimes duplicating route points, giving incorrect ride fare. Fixed.

  • Running 2 versions of the panel simultaneously could get both panels stuck. Fixed.

  • The system was not always correctly searching clients by DOB. Fixed.

  • Added user check option, to exclude the possibility of "self-blocking".

  • Driver was not receiving correct notifications if the job was cancelled by dispatcher after the driver arrived.

  • Bonuses: Now dispatchers can add / withdraw bonuses manually via dispatch panel.

  • New bonus management with hotkeys and filters.

  • The system is showing the registration date in "Clients database"

  • Settings. Added a couple of new icons.

  • Driver payments. Users were unable to save fractional numbers in the table. Fixed.

  • Advance jobs. Added new highlighter for exchanger jobs.

  • Advance jobs. Added new highlighter for Driver ID field. If the driver confirms advance job - the ID is highlighted in green color.

  • Bug report. If you get an "Oops, something went wrong" message, send us an error.txt report from the program folder.

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