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Booking a taxi has never been easier!

During the past few month, we have been working on the new passenger application to give your clients new taxi booking experience. The new version of the client app is still in beta, but already available for our demo testers. We would like to thank you for support and for being with TaxiAdmin.

The new application features are listed below the image:

Taxi software

  • Amazing design: we still continue getting feedbacks from our clients who are testing the application and the result is just great.

  • Quick registration for passengers: all they have to do is to enter the phone number and the personal details.

  • Multiple ways of entering addresses: both pickup and dropoff addresses can be specified by moving the map or select from Google autocomplete list.

  • Booking a taxi in just 3 clicks: clients have to enter pickup address, then they need to specify dropoff address and confirm their ride.

  • Less means simple: the new application brings absolutely new user experience, providing simplicity to users and preserving amazing design.

  • Credit card payments: we have integrated a new credit card payment gateway, so clients can easily add their credit cards and start paying by Visa/MC.

  • Things that worked for your business: clients love getting bonuses and discounts. The functionality of the previous version that your passengers love is preserved in the new version of the taxi app.

  • Great application speed: the new application easily detects your location in a few seconds, and what is more passengers can enter the address manually even without GPS signal.

  • Give it a try: we can guarantee that your passengers will love it! So don't waste your time and start testing.


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