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Apple Store new limitations? is quite unpredictable from the viewpoint of innovative and creative changes, that many of us can't accept until now. First, they remove 3.5mm headphone jack from iPhone 7 and then they remove apps from their Store if the apps don't have x64 architecture support or if they are similar in functionality, being uploaded from one and the same account. This article will help to better undestand why dealing with Apple Branded apps may cause headaches:)

So, it happened that way that starting from September 7, beyond protecting users from scams, Apple’s increased efforts to clean up the App Store. It is connected with the release of iOS 11, their new OS, where they also update the App Store itself, so that the new one represents a major change in design and functionality, with a focus on app discovery and editorial content.

There were different reasons for removing the thousands of apps, some of them were just clones and the others weren’t 64-bit compatible and some scammy boat trash. But that is a totally different story...

Luckily, TaxiAdmin apps were not removed, because we have used the latest versions of development platforms provided by Apple and our apps are 64-bit compatible. BUT! According to the new policy of Apple Store, starting from October 1, we are not allowed to publish all branded apps under one and the same account. We got a notification that publishing similar apps will be treated as cloning of the apps.

And the good news is that from now and on, all the branded iOS apps for new subscribers only will be uploaded under their individual accounts. This means that your app will be uploaded from your account and it will not contain TaxiAdmin name on the account page. Sounds great, right?

Absolutely! But the only disappointment is that Apple account costs 100 USD / annually and you will have to set it up yourself. So please keep in mind that if you need a branded pack of iOS apps, you need to include extra expenses on Apple Developer Account registration. You are charged directly by Apple for that. TaxiAdmin development and monthly costs remain the same.

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