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GSM gateway, do you need it?

One of the main questions that we are always asked by our clients and website visitors is dealing with call center functionality and telephony channels that they see in our priceing calculator. That is why we decided to give some peculiar details concerning GSM gateway functionality. This article tells about the key benefits that you get from using GSM gateway along with your IP PBX Server. GSM Server scripts are included into our Server and Purchase plans and can be used instead of SIP. Please note, that the Cloud plan allows using SIP telephony (with webrtc) only.

An essential attribute of a high-quality taxi dispatch service or a call-center is the convenience of use and simplicity, assured by automatic call distribution logic.

The integration of telephony module into our software provides the possibility of processing calls right at the workplaces of your operators, transmitting the telephone number of the caller to the admin panel and referring it to the order and the client. Such an integration also makes it possible to inform the client about order processing automatically, without the participation of an operator or a dispatcher. For example, the client can be automatically informed about car arrival, the model of the car that has arrived, its color and state plate number. Automatic informing can be localized into any language.

VoIP telephony allows creating a full-fledged call center which provides fast and effective processing of incoming and outgoing phone calls. The receipt of calls is performed by a professional multichannel GSM gateway. The number of channels can be unlimited. Though it's 1 SIM card per GSM channel, so the more channels you need the more sim cards you have to use. Telephony control center is based on the IP PBX server, permitting to control the logic of calls and provide additional features such as call-back, call recording, comprehensive reporting, statistics on calls and so on.

Some of the features that are available in the GSM gateways that we recommend and can be used on your server:

  • Basic security strategy (white/black list)
  • Optional GSM Voice Codec
  • Quad-Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • SIP (RFC3261) compliance
  • Call Duration Limit
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding (unconditional, no reply, busy, not reachable)
  • Extensible Automatic Callback and Speed Dial
  • Customizable IVR (*may require extra fee)
  • Compatible with sip server, such as: Asterisk, Elastix, 3CX, FreeSWITCH, etc
  • Web interface for call history access and further monitoring!!!
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