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Cloud vs Desktop?

Let's try to find out, what are the benefits of using desktop dispatch software for your fleet management comparing it to the newer cloud-based solutions. This article is intended to highlight the general pros and cons of web and desktop technologies. We provide both, cloud taxi dispatch panel and desktop dispatch software, so you can choose what product you would like to test and use for your taxi company management. The key difference is that the desktop version has proved to be more functional, comparing to the cloud version which is currently still in beta.

Modern technologies dictate the laws in an up-to-date taxi business. On the one hand taxi companies are trying to stay competitive using Uber clones and on the other hand they are trying to find some unique product with unique features. The bad news is that you can't be successful using a cloned product. The good news is that you always have an alternative. TaxiAdmin software may be your affordable alternative. So, today we are going to check the pros and cons of web panel in comparison with the desktop panel. Continue reading and you will find the answer to the question: "Why this article started with Uber clone discussion?".

TaxiAdmin has been in this business since 2008 and all the time we specialized in desktop solutions for taxi companies. The majority of taxi companies were using radios and those who didn't use it had some cheap software solutions and apps that were semi-functional. Our desktop dispatch panel and mobile apps were not as bright and functional as you can see today, but this product was unique because our main company goal is to offer a unique software based on the needs of real taxi companies. Maybe, for this reason, the UI of the dispatch panel may seem unusual to clients who are testing the product. But from the viewpoint of functionality once you get used to the interface and the hotkeys in the system you will see that that the system is not that complicated. By the way for that reason we are offering assisted demo testing, to help you get used to our software.

Later on, clients started asking about a simplified version that they could access via their web browser and we came up with an idea to offer the cloud-based dispatch panel (known as web panel). We developed the web panel for their needs understanding that small companies are using the desktop dispatch panel for monitoring and financial reporting, without the need to use the rest of functions from the desktop dispatch panel. This is how the web dispatch panel appeared and for this same reason many testing companies admit that the system is different from competitors.

Let's try to find out which of the panels is better?

Pros and cons of the desktop dispatch panel:

+ Reliable and more functional comparing to web panel;
+ Offers stable SIP and VOIP integration mechanism;
+ Can work with local server even if internet connection is OFF;
+ Always contains latest updates;
+ Available in multiple languages;
+ Has unique functions that are not available in web version;
+ Tracks real-time internet connection to notify users if internet is off;
+ Gives a possibility to adjust payment gateway;
+ More informative for company owners because it contains more reports;
+ Has a better UI which is more traditional;
+ Runs fast on any Windows-based PC with any number of online drivers;
+ Gives a possibility to use the latest telephony technologies;
+ Works better with dedicated and personal servers;
+ Supports multiple versions of the server scripts.

- Doesn't support MacOS comparing to web panel;
- Takes more time to integrate an update in the desktop panel;
- Harder to localize the panel into your language.

And now let's have a look at the pros and cons of the cloud-based dispatch panel comparing to the desktop version.

+ Looks better than the desktop version;
+ Has fewer functions comparing to desktop panel;
+ Can be more productive comparing to desktop panel;
+ Doesn't require installation;
+ Can be faster than the desktop version;
+ Doesn't require installation;
+ Works better with cloud servers;
+ You can sign in from any mobile device with full HD resolution;

- Supports web browsers only;
- Less professional;
- Supports only webrtc SIP (webrtc technology is still less stable today, can be googled);
- Works better with cloud servers;

The best thing is that you can simultaneously run both desktop and cloud version of the same server OR you can just close all the panels and provide services like Uber, without any dispatch panel. Our servers offer almost the same functionality. So what would you choose?

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