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Get your discount from TaxiAdmin!

For being active while testing our system during the past few months (from August 1, 2017, until December 1, 2017) we would like to present our valued customers and demo testers a discount. In this way, we would like to thank you, everyone, who helped us with alpha and beta testing of the payment gateways that we were integrating. It took some time to fully integrate multiple payment gateways into the system, but with your assistance we made it.

You were with us on that road, side by side and we would like to thank you for that. All free demo testers who were testing the system from August 1, 2017, until December 1, 2017, now have a chance to apply for a discount and get 30% OFF! The discount can be applied to any plan, no matter if you choose subscription or purchase. You get 30% OFF at one time and monthly payments.

To get a discount, just contact our Sales and Marketing Manager and provide either your test company ID and an email as a proof that you have been testing the system during the specified period of time.

You can always check the prices and calculate how much you are supposed to pay for any out o three plans. Below is given a sample, of what you can save within each plan.

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