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Dear customers, you all know we are providing critical tech support 24/7. This means that if you have some urgent issue with your dedicated server or our common cloud server and automatic dispatching stops working, you are free to give us a phone call to get support. If your case can wait for 24 hrs and you need to just enable something in your system or check your settings, please send us an email describing your case at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

After the recent Skype update we came to the conclusion that it can't no longer be used for effective communication. Messages are either delivered with a delay or are not delivered at all. We are also alternatively using Whatsapp and Telegram to keep in touch with our valued customers, but these are just social apps that can't be a reliable way of communication.

For this reason, please stick to the two official channels of communication listed here. You can use email for non urgent and non-urgent issues. All the emails are reviews and replied within 24 hrs. If you are facing some urgent issue - better give us a call and we will call you back. The official hotline number is +447441911432.

Please kindly keep in mind that we are also having the working hours: from Monday until Friday (2PM till 8PM in GMT+2). We are doing live demo sessions and solve the rest of daily tasks within this period. This is the best period when you can reach us. You can also use online help chat at our website to contact us, but please don't use it for price enquiry and similar issues. Better send us an email and we will reply.

If you are contacting online help chat an you get a message that the operator is busy, this means that we are having rest during the night or we just can't reply instantly. Please be patient and leave us a message. You will be contacted if you provide your contact details.

And always remember that if you need to get support and assistance, we are always ready to help. Share your thoughts, ideas, and issues with us by sending an email. That is the best way to be heard.

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