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Customer app (Android update).

The new version of the application for customers is available not only for testing but for real-time use as well. The newest update has all the main features that are in high demand among Uber fans. Our customers can easily use cutomer apps to stay competitive in taxi market, remaining on top of local taxi companies. The app is available for testing under the name "Cloud Taxi".

List of features available for your customers via this app:b>

  • Stylish app design with user-friendly interface;
  • Registration by phone number;
  • Optional email entry (for your database);
  • Google maps with cars in real-time;
  • Autocomplete list of streets;
  • Automatic address detection via GPS;
  • Promo-codes;
  • Passengers can pay by Visa/MC or by cash;
  • Ride history with tracks and prices;
  • Notes for dispatchers and drivers;
  • Bonuses that can be used as virtual cash;
  • Passengers can see driver details and arrival time;
  • Passengers can rate every driver and leave a comment;
  • Selective tariffs according to your company ride fares;
  • Pre-estimation of ride fare;
  • Advance bookings.

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