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The King of Inspiration for your client or how the Taxi Program turns to be your “Jam”?

When starting doing business all you need is two things: money to develop and clients to buy your product. But actually you face the lack of these two extremely needed necessities. How can you attract your client spending as little money as possible?

We’ve got three easy Internet ways to do this: viral technologies, promotions and a special "jam" that would distinguish your company from others. These are the most low-costed of effective methods for new business advertisement. Let's drop this methods in details.

Viral Techniques

It is assumed that the new business searches for new ways. Pure commercial texts are no longer working, viral clips, pictures or texts are bright modern examples for effective advertisement. The main feature of them is that your potential clients transmit this advertisement to each other in Internet.

Advertisement is necessarily hidden. Sometimes you just don’t even guess that you saw the advertisement. Just imagine: if your little business has high-quality taxi program that deserves to be told about, do it the way your future client could repeat it is brilliant! Wherein, we recommend emphasizing the emotional content of the video, not the consumer properties.

Psychologists have proved that regular repetition forms stable associative connections in human’s mind.


A time-tested effective way to attract new customers! Let the competitors talk about their product promotions in the street – we will use virtual space. The algorithm is simple:

  • Create a post in social media groups about some prize – you needn't even make it extremely valuable.
  • Indicate that the message is to be necessarily reposted – it must be defined as the main condition.
  • Appoint your promo the 14-days duration or about it.

The prize must correlate to the topic. For taxi theme a navigator with the company logo would be a good choice.

It is proved: the solution is effective. However, there is one minus. To make it work at full strength, the social media group must initially be filled with participants and followers.

Your “Jam”

This method works. You develop your own “jam” that makes your company recognizable by customers. What could be is the “jam” for new business? Absolutely everything! Sometimes even a beautifully invented slogan helps. Surely, many readers can recall such discourses.

Do not be afraid to surprise - at first glance it can even seem to be strange. The fact is the unexpected unusual, amazing jams really work and appreciated.

What can be effective? A reference to familiar cultural works well known to everyone. Customers’ heads get a stable association between the beloved object and the new taxi. You can select works either from classical literature or from modern products.

We hope that this material of new-clients hunting will make some use for readers. And each reader will be able to take out of our story something useful for himself.

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