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Software Program for Taxi Services – a piece of cake for your business

Due to technological progress, a plenty of opportunities are open both for taxi customers and companies providing taxi services. Simple telephone enabled the principle of dispatch service and what can Internet offer?

Sets of specialized software currently ease the processing for drivers that suffered with poor communication, help to improve customer service and optimize the company's operating costs.

Any service on demand

As a rule you can launch software within a couple of days. The modern programs feature a variety of services out of the box. Feel free to pick the configuration according to your business needs. You get:

  • Modern design;
  • Expanded functionality;
  • All orders are sorted – easy to see and to manage;
  • Operators provide more efficient service.

Great idea for all parties, isn’t it?                                                             

The standard software package for taxi services features a set of thematic blocks:

  1. Block for CEO-managers.
  2. Set for drivers.
  3. The program block for taxi dispatchers.

Program block for CEO

This software block allows you:

  • Working with regular customers, receive clients’ payments via bank transfer, considering discount cards, discounts and bonuses.
  • To adjust and quickly change the tariff plans for different types of cars, depending on gasoline type, depreciation costs, etc.
  • To get the advanced payment to company’s bank account. You can deal either with cash or with other payment options like pre-booking with credit card only.
  • Automatically calculations of salaries.
  • Create virtual stock exchanges.
  • Use GPS-taximeter.

Benefits of Driver’s Program

Typical taxi software allows the efficient work and pleasant set of opportunities:

  • Independent registration and receiving the current information of cars quantity in the selected sector.
  • Accepting of detailed orders from the dispatch services and independently monitoring free orders online.
  • Make calls or write text messages to the dispatcher or directly to the client.
  • Get all pros of using integrated GPS-navigator and a GPS-taximeter - the passenger location is shown on the map, and one can provide a driver with the route.
  • Control of earned money.

The program block for taxi dispatchers

Expanded possibilities of current radio-communications came with following benefits:

  • Automatically add phone numbers in customer cards (caller ID).
  • Create multi-channel communication lines on mobile, fixed and IP-telephony, as well as on radio channels.
  • Audio recording of all incoming calls.
  • “One-button-connection” with customers and taxi drivers (press just one key).
  • Different modes: "transfer", "conference connection" and "hold on line". You can also see missed, dialed and received calls.
  • Reduced time of conversation with the client due to working directly with several clients at the same time.
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