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Nonstandard taxi services

It's hard for regular taxi services to compete with web-aggregators that combine services, provided by small cab companies and private drivers. Competition is extremely high, so that even the use of web-based programs for taxi drivers won't get you compelling advantages. The only way out is to offer your clients services that are hard to find elsewhere.

What so uncommon can be offered?

Half of the people today use apps to get a car, because it's far way easier and handy than to call a taxi dispatcher. Its functionality can be upgraded with the possibility of picking up some special conditions. Next options can be offered as such.

  1. Baby taxi. A service package, designed for transporting children of various age, including car seats, delivering children to school/kindergarten/sports/music and back home, and so on.
  2. Ladies' taxi. If a passenger fears to drive late with a male driver, a female driver could successfully solve this problem.
  3. Tactful taxi. Transportation of a seriously ill person could be a huge problem for his/her relatives. A well-equipped car with a place for a bedridden patient or a wheelchair would be needed daily in any megapolis.
  4. Zootaxi. Small pets are usually no problem nowadays, but everything changes when it comes to bigger animals. Equipped place, box and dog muzzle are needed to provide pet's and driver's safety.
  5. Motorcycle taxi. A powerful motorcycle with a qualified driver will take a passenger anywhere he/she needs. It's most relevant in big cities, where traffic jams interfere with plans and schedules now and then.
  6. Supermarket-taxi. If your client has no time to do shopping, a taxi driver can buy food, according to the provided list, and deliver it home.
  7. Tour guide taxi. A ride around town becomes an exciting excursion, while a taxi driver tells you about old buildings and historical locations passing by.

It takes no effort to invent lots of similar services that would be in demand by residents and guests of a big city. Taxi services that have what to offer, besides regular drives, will provide themselves better ranking.

Advertisement and quality

A weak spot in nonstandard taxi services delivery is that you need to notify as many potential clients as possible of your offer. That means that you have to conduct large-scale marketing pushes on a regular basis - leaflet and business card distributions, TV, radio and press included. Besides, service quality should meet the challenge — no one would consider transporting a physically challenged person or a child in a car, which interior smells petrol or has greasy upholstery. A client must be sure that by choosing your taxi service he/she receives a decent car and a polite driver.

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