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Work in the taxi service through annex: criteria of selection and opportunity

The modern sphere of accommodations actively uses the possibilities of Internet communication, which make it permissible to optimize the implementation of many processes. People, who actively use technology, get much greater benefit in comparison with those who refrain from using them. Because of this, all organizations that involved in business, including taxi services, tend to implement them.

You can earn by using special online apps, receiving, executing orders, simply by connecting to the net. To get started, you'll need to install a special program on mobile device that runs on any operating system.


The user should be responsible to choose the appropriate application, paying attention, first of all, to its functionality, and only after – to the cost. It is important that the software should solve as many working (including problematic) situations as possible, as well as:

  • allowed to produce the desired settings, set tariffs;
  • have a quality, loyal technical support, around the clock reacting to the requests / suggestions of users;
  • ensure constant communication between the driver and the control room, without involving telephones or walkie-talkies;
  • have a clear, user-friendly interface, with ergonomic control buttons and nice graphics;
  • have a built-in navigator and quickly navigate the best route;
  • Provide an alarm button in case of unforeseen situations;
  • monitor the balance;
  • work in the "Day" and "Night" modes.

It is desirable for program for taxi drivers to have a GPS taximeter that displays the mileage traveled, idle time, discounts, the final amount for the trip and other parameters. The presence of a taximeter in the car increases the confidence of customers in the service, as they can control the cost of travel. Some applications allow the driver not only to automatically receive orders, but also to choose orders from other services that increases the number of orders and profits.

The principles of the service work

After installing the application, the driver registers in it, specifying data and uploading own photo. The system checks and brings the car into the database, from this moment the service is available for use. The client enters the application, indicates his location, and the program offers him options for nearby taxi cars. Choosing a car, the customer communicates with the driver directly. The driver takes the passenger from the selected place.

Thus, using the Internet application to work in a taxi service is an opportunity to receive many orders, ensure own safety, increase income, and also to give customers maximum comfort and get their trust.


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