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App-taxometer for gadgets

The number of applications supposed to optimize the lives of employees and users is extremely growing day by day. The programs for taxi services and applications that allow you to book the taxi appeared long time ago and they can’t surprise any of us. Nevertheless the taximeter programs are rarely met.

Drivers’ assistants

Apps for taxi booking are developed primarily for the convenience of passengers.  No one can dispute the fact that it is more convenient to use the apps – it is faster and takes less effort than if you would call the operator and make your taxi order via conversation (not all of us like to speak). Apps are more comfy for drivers as well.

This product is attractive even due to its ability to receive and distribute taxi bookings automatically. This increases the productivity of drivers and greatly facilitates the operators’ work.

Taximeter app for Apple iOS

Here are the taxometers’ versions currently existing:

  • by the time of the journey;
  • by distance;
  • both by time and distance.

The taximeter comes with general chat provided. This is the very place where drivers can discuss issues concerning them, for example, where the road accident or traffic jam currently occurred. And yes - one can also just talk about life issues.

Another advantage is ease of payment: such product is unique as you can receive money from a customer via bank plastic card. Just connect a card reader to the phone, your budget will not suffer from this – the device is not expensive at all.

Still need the operator?

The answer is yes - the operators still have work to do. They are obliged to monitor drivers and keep records. This software product will be useful for operators - one can quickly connect with the driver via messages or chat. For emergency - "SOS" is provided.

The taximeter program collects data of the number of completed orders, the duration of trips, prices and other important aspects. It turns out to be an indispensable assistant for the owner of the taxi service too: this person can take under control the whole process.

Can I use the gadget on iOS?

Apps for iOS are in great demand. But despite this, the creators of the taximeter program have not yet proposed an option for this platform. Therefore, you can currently use an Android-device – the app is suitable here. The assortment of such gadgets is huge as well as the prices for them. So each driver is able to choose suitable option.

The independent driver needs a classic taximeter - an instrument used as a kilometer and travel time counter for calculating the price. Fortunately, there is an alternative - "Taximeter GPS +", "Taxim". We believe the other programs are oncoming – no one can stop the progress!

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