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Taxi innovations: online cash, insurance and mobile APPs

Successful taxi services use the maximum amount of technical innovations to keep up with the times and in order to expand their business. Most processes are currently fully automated. Communication between dispatchers, drivers and customers is carried out by a program for taxis. And purchasing of this product means that you improve the quality and get happy passengers – it really works indeed!

Online cashiers in a taxi

The great innovation is the introduction of online cash devices for taxis - they must be installed in each car. There are several options for connecting the device. It can work via mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, or with SIM-cards. The customer should receive a check when entering the taxi car. These checks couldn’t be printed in advance at the taxi office, except preliminary orders.

Life insurance

As the popularity of these services grows every year, the controlling organizations develop a new project concerning insurance policy. The taxi companies should tightly deal with it - they will need to pay for passengers’ lives insurance. And yes - you ask what will happen with price. Of course this will entail the increase of the taxi companies’ tariffs. Someone can hate it – but doesn’t your life really cost a penny? Just think about it!

Program for taxi – better than you considered

The software product consists of several modules. Is it hard-to-use? To tell the truth it is suitable either for start-up firms or for large taxi companies as well. The meaning of innovative developments is that the interconnection between operators and customers is greatly improved. The client makes order via mobile app, indicates the route, time and appoints his personal wishes. That’s all! The customer no longer needs to dial up to the dispatchers and listen to annoying beeps. No more wasting of the time.

The taxi client receives the following information from the auto informer:

  • the pricing of the service;
  • the time of the car delivery;
  • car type;
  • accumulated scores.

Some time ago the newest program for taxis has appeared and the fact is - the number of passengers who prefer to get the taxi via smartphone increases every day. The dispatcher receives calls from clients by phone, and all requests coming through the mobile app are processed automatically.

The software introduction will reduce the costs for business owner by shortening the company's staff – no more headaches with salaries, and it is optimizing the processing on the whole.

Program modules are configured conveniently, apps are extremely easy to use and they instantly improve the efficiency of the service. You can work with the taxi program right after installing it. It is free for you to download and try the application – go ahead! In fact, it features somehow a constructor that allows the taxi company to customize the necessary modules for the best processing.

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