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Program for Taxi without the dispatcher

Competent dispatching for orders’ distribution and control under their execution plays a significant role in the quality level of services. However, for little companies-newcomers the maintenance of their own dispatching department entails the impressive costs of staff salaries as well as the necessity of technical equipment.

The profitable decision will be to exclude dispatchers at the first stages and add the automation to the process. Moreover, the service can be improved due to the program for a taxi without a dispatcher.

Taxi without a dispatcher: how does it work?

The lack of dispatcher is provided with a special taxi program, suitable for iPhone or Android. Such applications have extensive functionality, including all necessary options. In particular, there are following opportunities for drivers:

  • Real-time display of calls;
  • Ability to accept a call himself with notification for other drivers;
  • Price calculation based on the passed route;
  • Easy interaction possibility with partner taxi services;
  • Collecting data about calls, summing payments, transferring them to the controlling computer for reports.

Clients also have the option to use an application designed especially for them. These programs for the phone have the following functionality:

  • Making order via “one-touch” call, SMS-message or regular call;
  • Display of the nearest taxi, the ability to follow the time of arrival;
  • Order cancellation via one-touch call;
  • Notification by phone call or SMS about taxi arrival;
  • Route and cost control;
  • SMS message on reaching the end point of the route with entire pricing info;
  • Ability to pay with e-currency or transfer money via mobile applications.

Thus, each of the parties gets important advantages and convenient opportunities for interaction. The pricing is transparent for the customers, and drivers can quickly take orders on request. The important advantage is the transparency of such systems: the impossibility of cheating with sum amount.

Something about control

The info about payments and car moving is collected and formed into the reports by program. After that reports are transmitted to the common electronic pool. One can obtain the access to data via regular browser, a special PC program or app for mobile device. Using this program or app, the service owner can get financial information for reporting and accounting records. Most of the processes are automated, so it's easy enough to monitor the app’s service ability, minimizing the need of the dispatcher and other staff to monitor the processes.

The dispatcher’s lack is a modern reality, which is convenient and economical for the owner. Start your business with eliminating the important and tangible cost item!

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