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How to simplify the work of the taxi dispatching service

Dispatching staff features the heart of the taxi service organization. And being “the boss” of your business it needs to be “healthy” and perfectly show the best result for customers and for owner. If the firm is popular enough and the number of clients is sufficient to ensure a daily full loading of the taxi park, the dispatchers could turn to be overloaded.

In this case there are two ways out:

  • To hire additional staff, organize workplaces for employees;
  • To purchase special software for partially relieving the workload from staff.

Plenty of us will not choose the first option. It is associated with significant costs: arranging workplaces and paying salaries to new employees will highly beat your wallet.

Modern and comfy taxi dispatcher program – app for mobile or PC software - is also not free-of-money option, but once you purchased it, you eliminate the additional costs in the future. The price of this software is at rather affordable level, so you won’t need to incur high costs. Thus, any taxi service, sooner or later, will be to think about purchasing the necessary software to optimize services and fasten the processing.

Special software provides optimization

The list of tasks of the application includes the full range of services. In particular, the following functions are implemented:

  • Online receiving of orders;
  • Notify drivers about order in the area of ​​their location;
  • Transferring to the central server the information or client with administrator’ rights for collecting and processing order’s data and its pricing;
  • Reports with info about vehicle movements, the number of processed orders, the whole money sum received as a result of work.

 taxi dispatcher program

This smart app not just takes over some of the employees’ functions, but it is also able to completely replace him. For young companies at their start, it is highly recommended. Due to use virtual facilities instead of the standard dispatcher center these firms gain the opportunities to save their budgets.

Benefits of use

Having defined the capabilities of the application, let’s determine its advantages right now:

  • The program is not expensive, and it allows to save on staff salaries (no need to hire dispatchers);
  • It provides high level of protection against hacking;
  • The app transfers and stores reliable information;
  • It allows you to have connection with the customer directly, one can call a taxi, leave feedback;
  • Sending promotional offers, messages about promotions and discounts to all customer’s base;
  • You are able to get systematized information about cars and calls, the program also simplifies reporting;
  • If you are business owner you can monitor the program and drivers via the Internet any time you need.

Having now the whole picture, you might decide a taxi program to be interesting option. You can buy it at an affordable price. Customization of the interface and functionality is carried out by the user, and it is suitable for both cases – either when the park includes 20-30 cars, or even 200-300 vehicles.

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