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Work in taxi service: what requirements should you satisfy?

Many people wonder how to earn extra money and one of the best decisions is working in a taxi. No matter what day or time of the year is now, people always have to be somewhere on time. Taxi helps them out, so the demand for its services allows you to receive a money on a regular basis. But what requirements should to be met in order to work in a taxi? Let’s figure out.

If you work with the dispatcher

If you decide to become a cab at the taxi company, it is not necessarily to have a car – there is a taxi pool with the sufficient number of cars, so the main point is to meet the requirements:

  • at least 25 years of age;
  • no less than 5 years of driving experience;
  • working experience as a driver (recommendations from a previous job can be required);
  • knowledge of city streets;
  • absence of previous convictions of any kind;
  • a medical document that confirms the absence of putting under a drug control;
  • medical document from a psychiatrist.

Still in this case you need a taxi dispatch program, as its helps to provide you with a large number of clients, including the foreign ones.

If you work on a personal vehicle, you will have to obtain an appropriate license, undergo a medical commission and state technical inspection.

Is it better to work on a leased taxi?

You can’t work in a taxi service without a technically sound car. If you do not have one, then you need to lease it. This can be done right in the company where you work but then keep in mind that you are to do the following:

  • Check the car before every trip. If defects are found, immediately inform the one who leased the vehicle.
  • You can deliver clients only at the time indicated by the dispatcher.
  • You will have to give the money you earn to the employer.

Most companies pay taxi drivers salary rates. Sometimes you can get 20-30 percent over to the basic salary, but the owner still has to pay the dispatcher.

Is it worth using a personal vehicle for earnings?

The requirements here are set by yourself, but be prepared to go through obtaining a license and registering as an individual entrepreneur. Also you will need to inspect the car systematically, and remember to equip the car with the following:

  • paste "checkers" and install the appropriate figure on the roof;
  • purchase a taximeter;
  • buy a DVR and GPS-navigator.

Thus, it becomes clear that you can earn money working in a taxi service, and for more effective work, you need a program for taxi dispatching. We wish you good luck in your business!

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