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Radial search function.

Radial search allows searching for the vehicle within the specified radius and automatically hire it. This option can be configured to be used in manual mode and automatic mode.

For manual mode:In the manual mode the specified time allows the drivers to manually accept the order, otherwise if the specified time runs out the system will automatically hire the nearest vehicle within the specified radius.

For automatic mode:In case there are no vehicles in the sector or all the drivers refused to confirm the order, the radial search function can be switched on. The system will automatically assign the vehicle that is near the order. You should specify the period of time (together with the search radius) in which the system will start automatic searching for the vehicle. In case there are no free vehicles within the taxi fleet , the program can start searching for the nearest vehicle through the exchanger function within the specified radius (if exchanger is configured). If there are no free vehicles in the exchanger within the specified radius then the order is transferred to the general air through all taxi services from the exchanger (you should activate the option: “Send order to exchanger in no free vehicles in the specified radius”. All these stages are configured individually and can be switched off.

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