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Driver application quarterly update.

We have updated the driver application to make it both user-friendly and comfortable for usage within the dispatch service.

  • Confirming the order, the driver will be displayed the tariff and the tracking route of the order. This option can be switched on or off in dispatch software settings.

    Note: As soon as the driver confirms the order, the job will be highlighted, indicating that confirmation reply was delivered to the dispatch office.

  • You can find the “Map” button in the Taximeter. Just tap this button and you will see the OSMAND Navigation with the estimated direction to the drop off place.

  • Editing the estimated fare in your taximeter. By pressing “Stop” button you activate a possibility to edit the estimated ride fare. Press the numbers of the estimated fare and hold your finger for 1 second to open the correction menu. The edited sum can only be increased (not decreased).

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