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Why Uber like companies are killing taxi business?

Practically all independent taxi companies are now facing difficulties, trying to keep their positions in the modern taxi market and struggling against such companies as Uber or GetTaxi. Unfortunately, there’s practically nothing saving the classic taxi services from complete and utter extinction.

Of course, the tipping point is some years away, but its signs are more or less evident even now. For the owners of small taxi companies it should be obvious that their business is threatened. But they still have a chance. Although right now classic taxi companies look like a picture of misery for the mentioned giants, small taxi companies still have a possibility to survive. Let us have a look at the wild life, where the invader catches the victim unawares. But what will happen if the victim stays aware? Sure, danger awareness can rescue the victim from death. Let us now have a close look at the situation in modern taxi business.

The disruptive storm of ride sharing apps such as Uber, GetTaxi and Yandex Taxi took advantage of what many have hated about the taxi experience for decades, but have had to endure due to lack of choice. As a consumer that spends at least $150 a week on Uber or GetTaxi on average, which was previously around $300 on vehicles, the experience of spending less money for a better service has been life changing. Of course Uber or GetTaxi are providing great experience together with cheaper prices (which will no doubt rise as the service becomes more dominant) and these are the main reasons their services have become popular. At the same time, there is a worldwide prepossession to many taxis from the side of customers, for the following reason: many of them have been treating their customers like cash cows, slugging them with unreasonable fees for an inferior service. But that’s another pair of shoes.

I think there is no need to describe the steps that are made by such companies to invade the whole countries with their advertising and apps. Both, the clients and the drivers gain from such bilateral cooperation, meanwhile taxi companies usually have nothing to oppose. Of course there is an enormous amount of programs and apps that are used by taxi services, but they usually look so poor, that no client would download and use them. So, I think there is an obvious question that should be asked: what can be done by small companies to protect themselves from such giants as Uber, GetTaxi and Yandex Taxi and not lose their position in the market? We have such a solution: the automation software for taxi services provided by TaxiAdmin.

What do you get? You get a powerful competitive program complex to look with dignity, comparing with giants like Uber, GetTaxi and Yandex Taxi. Our main goal is to provide our software to those taxi companies, who are wishing to preserve their independency, providing simplicity of high technologies to their clients and drivers at affordable prices.

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