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Planning to start your taxi business? Here are some tips to consider.

Nowadays more and more people prefer to use taxis rather than public transport. This happens because modern people appreciate comfort, speed and safety. What is more, using taxi services gives a possibility to save our time, which is so important for many people all over the world. Therefore, we have prepared several tips for those of you, who are planning to start their taxi business.

Any taxi service uniquely combines drivers and passengers, providing both with unified standards of work quality, ensuring safety and high level of services. At the same time if you are planning to start your own taxi business, you should pay your attention to modern technologies, which can significantly reduce the cost of provided services and help your company to open up the new horizons, allowing businesses to grow and develop.

People generally agree that the most optimal and cheapest option is a taxi dispatch service. This option allows to always stay sure in quality of the services, provided by your company. Of course you may choose the innovations, such as web-based dispatching solution or exclude the dispatch center at all, using services like Uber and similar ones. What we are going to talk about is a classic taxi dispatch service, which allows you to receive jobs from clients who are calling you and dispatch it between your drivers. This option still remains the most popular one in the whole world. But before you start your taxi business up, you need to calculate and consider all aspects.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of any taxi dispatch business:

1. Sufficiently low investments.
2. A small office.
3. Unlimited scope of activities.

Here are the basic steps to think over in order to open the taxi service or start your taxi business:

  • Make an investment plan to get a loan or a grant. You must list all the expenses needed to start your taxi business. Do not forget to include all the expenses for the activities. The most important thing here is to make an optimistic forecast of revenue.

  • If you are planning to work by the laws you will have to officially register, if not – you may skip the first two steps.

  • Purchase the taxi software and related equipment (server, GSM gateway, dispatcher PC and a couple of good monitor). Remember that there is always an option to try taxi software for free. The modern software market offers a couple of solutions that may suit your needs. And remember that the more operators and drivers you have on the line, the greater should be the hardware requirements.

  • It is necessary to come up with the bright name, which will be stored immediately. You may also need to purchase an appropriate phone number. This might sometimes be called “golden number” or “short number” (777, 1010 etc.). It is quite expensive in some countries, but lets your clients remember your number within several seconds and store it in mind forever.

  • Create you taxi company website. You may place a web booking form to let your visitors get a taxi straight from the website. In fact the site is a bright business card in the Internet. It is an excellent platform for advertising.

  • Do not forget to pay some time and attention to advertising and promotion companies.

  • Try to hire quick-minded operators, who can process orders quickly, kindly contact the drivers and clients who are calling your dispatch service. Make your drivers obliged to be responsible and accurate, so that the passengers would be satisfied with the ride.

    Please note, that in this highly competitive environment the crucial details are playing major roles: mobile connection quality, ability to inform customers about the cost of the trip, assigning appropriate vehicles for the jobs. This will be a benefit if you are able to inform your clients about the arrival of drivers (either by voice or by sms, does not matter). In this case, the high-quality software such as TaxiAdmin automated dispatch software will greatly simplify and accelerate the work of your taxi company . Our software not only distributes the calls, but also estimates the ride fare for each trip, generates the convenient route, instantly sends the new orders to driver, allowing them to be assigned for the jobs either manually or automatically choosing the nearest taxi. The secret of success in taxi business - speed, quality, excellent services and a lot of positive reviews from customers! We are always ready to help you with that.

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