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Holiday sale is coming to an end.

Dear friends, we would like to kindly remind you, that you still have a couple of weeks to get connected under the discounted connection price 35% OFF . We have a lot of plans for the next year, so right now you can join our successful team to step up into the next year together. We are sure, that we can satisfy the highest demands of any client.

Taxi software

Even Santa Claus is considering our offer to dispatch wish-list gifts between his fleet of deers. So if you are still hesitating and considering if our software will suit your needs, we really recommend you to just give us a chance to impress you with automated booking system. You will not only get professional and affordable taxi booking software, but also:

  • a full set of apps to impress your clients and simplify the booking process both for dispatchers and drivers;

  • 24/7 support, provided by the team of high-skilled professionals who are ready to realize your most ambitious ideas and make them increase your income;

  • unique software features that will help you to broaden the list of services provided by your taxi company;

  • company safety and confidentiality of your business information;

  • assistance in your company development and advising, based upon world-wide experience;

  • a group of reliable friends within TaxiAdmin company, who will not leave you in trouble.

    We would like to finish this piece of news with one of the key principles of our company policy:

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