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Information about trial requests and their processing (outdated).

Dear customers and website visitors, please note that when you apply for a trial version there are several issues that have to be considered prior and after to filling in the trial installation request form. This article briefly describes the steps, how to get in touch with TaxiAdmin to get the maximum feedback from your request.

We receive many trial requests and try to process them as quickly as possible. All the requests are processed according to the queue list one by one and it really takes a while to fully process one trial installation request, because of different reasons.

1. Many clients provide the incorrect or minimum info required to compile the trial version. Please, do not forget to fill all the fields in the trial request form. They are really important. because we use it to register your personal account and grant you access to the trial server.

2. Though we provide 24/7 support to our clients and are always willing to help any website vistor, the trial requests are processed during working hours only: from 9.00 AM till 6.00 PM (MON - FRI). So if you apply for the trial on Friday, sometimes we can process it only on Monday. Please be patient to wait a couple of days for our reply.

3. Customers are asking about the trial period if this version that they get is limited in functionality. The trial version is limited in time, but not so much in functionality. You will get the pure dispatch system without activated telephony module, but ready for work. You can use it in your existing business, registering all your drivers and dispatching jobs between them. As soon as you decide that you are willing to go on with us, all the information will be recovered and you can proceed after connection without data loss.

4. Do not forget to check junk or spam folders, because sometimes spam guard robots place the letters to these folders. After that, in case when you are sure that you have not received the reply with the trial version link still, please contact us again, to make sure that your request is in progress and we have all the information needed.

5. The mobile number, that most clients provide us with often does not contain the country code for the interntaional dialing (+XXX X etc), so it is next to impossible to call such clients. In order to fix this we implemented the IM system, so do not forget to choose the messenger and provide us with the messenger ID that we can use to contact you easily. We are not sending spam or subsriptions. The only idea is to help you to get through the program demonstration and remote trainings.

6. And the last thing to consider is that we are always ready to talk to you and help you solve your problems. So, please feel free to contact us.

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