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Uber enters Ukrainian transportation market. Drivers arranged protests.

Ukrainian drivers are not willing to support Uber entering local taxi market. Therefore, near the building of Kiev city state administration taxi drivers organized and held a protest action with the requirement to local authorities to prevent Uber from destroying local taxi business.

Though TaxiAdmin is considered to be one of the leaders in Ukrainian taxi dispatch software development market, just because our main office is located in Ukraine. We have hundreds of clients, successfully competing with Uber in different parts of the world. But if we have a look at the protest arranged by local drivers in Kiev, we should point out that there is nothing for taxi drivers to be afraid of. There are several reasons for that. This article is not related with Ukrainian issue only; this is a common situation for many countries in the world. Let's try to have a quick look upon the main reasons, why Uber will face problems, working in such countries as Ukraine.

People in Ukraine are wealthy enough to have their own premium cars and hire personal drivers. And those who do not have a car either do not need it or do not want to have it. Those, who do not have their own cars, got used to taking a taxi and they are satisfied with the quality of services provided by taxi companies all over the country. The taxi ride is a usual thing that is quite popular in the country. On the one hand you do not have to pay much for being delivered to the drop off place and on the other hand the quality of taxi services that most transportation companies offer here has immensely increased within the past 10 years. You can be picked up by the Mercedes or by Toyota, and there is no extra charge for that. This is a usual story.

What is more, if we speak about ordering, the best thing that has ever been created is the call center. Though many people adore the innovations, but we do really believe that a usual person calling to book a taxi is more willing to have a quick chat with a human operator in order to arrange a ride than to use the app for that. Yes, now many of you might have thought that TaxiAdmin is also offering client apps that allow to book a taxi, and that is true. We believe that it is quite convenient, but we also offer the call center software and hardware to our clients, to provide them with the best solution that can increase their income and at the same time stay quite competitive to Uber-like companies. But that is another story...

Safety. They key problem that is not solved by Uber services. Many clients are telling us that they will not allow any Uber driver to prick their kids up from school, because they cannot be sure about that driver and his biography. Anyone can download and install the driver app, not being properly checked, but all in all Uber is not responsible for its drivers as a result. At the same time the common practice in Ukraine is to have registered bases of drivers with all the necessary documents, so if someone picks you up, you can be sure that everything will be fine in the end of the trip.

Of course, as everywhere else, there are situations when taxi fleets are lack of cars to pick passengers up, and they inform clients that there are no free vehicles in the area. But Uber does not have own cars too, so supposing this service will not solve this problem in future, cause they should understand that starting such an intensive capturing of the taxi market within any country using own cars will result in these cars destructions. If we have a look at world protests against Uber we will see that quite often striking drivers damaged cars with Uber signs inside.

Finally, we are glad to welcome Uber in Ukraine. We are sure that the more intensive they work, the more taxi companies will compete and we are ready to support this competition. The main thing is safety and high quality of taxi services provided to passengers. This is our main intention.

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