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TaxiAdmin driver application is now available in Apple Store.

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that from now and on, all the drivers who are willing to use their Apple devices for work, have a possibility to use TA Driver app for iOS. Within a short period of time we have developed the app that became a part of TaxiAdmin software complex. Simple, powerful and reliable, same as all the products of our company.

TaxiAdmin driver application for Apple devices provides the same functionality to drivers as the Android app for drivers. The main difference between the two apps is the design. Apple is known to be fond of bright ideas as for design of their products. Due to this our developers managed to create a simple, but truly functional application by means of Apple tools. We strongly believe that drivers will appreciate the marvelous design of the application.

Try the application for your iPhone and iPad:

Please pay your attention that the current version of the driver app is 1.0. That is why we recommend to test the app yourself before updating it to your drivers.

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