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New registration process.

Try the reimagined version of our taxi dispatch system. With the simplified registration process clients, who are willing to test the system no longer have to apply for demo login and wait unitl we process the trial requests to send the login and password for the demo accounts of the users. From now on, there is only a couple of steps you need to walk to test the product.

➔ After you fill in the trial request form at our website (see how to) you will receive the autoreply letter which is sent to your email. Please make sure that the letter has not been moved to "spam" folder. Autoreply letter looks like it is shown in the picture below:

➔ Click on "Download Demo Version Now" - > TaxiOperator module will be automatically downloaded. Now we need to install TaxiOperator module. Windows OS required (starting from Windows 7).

➔ Run taxiadmin.exe and follow the steps as shown below:

➔ Upon installation you can mark "Launch TaxiOperator" and the system will start the program automatically.

➔ In the next step you will see the demo login menu. Now your are offered to register your demo account in 4 steps. Click on Registration button as shown in the picture below:

➔ After that you will be asked to complete the registration in 4 simple steps.

  • Step 1 where you have to fill in the fields as shown in the example. Please note that the information should be factual.

    You can register just once!

  • Step 2 where you register your driver ID (aka callsign).

  • Step 3 where you can change default taxi rates and driver deductions for your company or just skip and go on registering.

  • Step 4 where you check the registration details once again. If everything is ok you just have to confirm it and press "Finish". You will automatically get into the program.

  • ➔ Next time you run "TaxiOperator" module you need to enter the received Login and Password as shown in the pricture:

    ➔ Now you can go to program settings to reconfigure TaxiOperator default settings according to your needs.
    Use this link to learn more about program settings.

    ➔ You can also connect your default driver ID and proceed to real-time testing. To proceed with app activation use the links given below:

  • How to download and activate driver app, using Android device.
  • How to download and activate driver app, using iPhone or iPad.

    ➔ You can learn more about program testing and its basic features in our Help! section.

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