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New system of bonuses for your clients.

We are happy to tell you about the development of the totally new system of bonuses for your taxi business. We have gathered and generated the best ideas concerning bonuses that can be offered to company drivers and passengers. The discussion of the new system of bonuses lasted for almost a week and that was really hot, a lot of brilliant ideas have been noted and then turned into a technical assignment for our developers.

Currently, the admin panel allows dispatchers and administrators to give bonuses to individual and corporate clients. You can offer them the discount either in percentage or in the fixed amount. Generally any client, making an incoming call is detected by the system (if you are using the GSM equipment) and then the system automatically adds the pre-configured bonus to the pre-estimated ride fare. If the client has some definite amount of money in his virtual account, he can even enjoy the free ride and the driver will be notified about that ride.

As for the new system of bonuses, it is supposed to be ready for testing starting from September 25, 2016. The list of bonuses will be published separately. Keep following the news and thanks for staying with us.

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