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Great news for our Mac OS and Linux users.

The current version of the dispatcher panel runs on Windows 7 (and above) operating systems, but a lot of clients have applied for Mac OS and Ubuntu (and similar Linux OS) versions. Some users were even installing Windows on Mac devices in order to start using the system. We decided to solve that issue by releasing the web dispatch version that allows dispatchers using their web browsers to dispatch jobs to drivers.

The new dispatch version is supposed to have almost the same functionality as the current Windows version has, but users will no longer need to install the software (if not needed). They can simply dispatch jobs in any modern web browser and continue using their favorite devices with native operating systems.

The web dispatch version will run under Chrome web browser. Users will have fewer settings than they currently can set up in the Windows version, but the major functionality is copied. So if you are using the Windows dispatch version you will easily migrate to the web version as all the main menus and windows will be familiar to you.

Please follow the news at our website. We will update it as soon as the web dispatch panel is ready for public testing.

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