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How to get started and customize the Settings?

Once you’re logged in you’ll see the dispatch software home page as follows

Order creation window :

You can open the order creation window using the hotkey "F1", or by clicking the button (in the upper control panel) Action, and then New Job
1. Information about client : 
Client's phone - the client's phone number gets into this field in two ways: the phone number was entered manually, or the phone number appears there automatically through telephony (when telephony is connected, the client makes a call to the dispatch service number, the dispatcher presses the F1 key, the order window opens, the call is accepted, and the phone number automatically appears in the given one, and information on the client immediately appears from the client's card (you can read the details about the client's card in the instructions). Then you can open the report on the orders of this client by clicking the button
2. Statistics on orders :
After entering the phone number, statistics on orders, information on bonuses and discounts, the amount of the internal account will be pulled up for this client. Also here the information on the client is duplicated.
3. Job Route :
If the address of delivery / termination / intermediate is in another city, then indicate this city in the field
4. Advance Order :
The order may be preliminary. If the client ordered a taxi the next day, or after a few hours, then indicate the desired date using these fields
5. Job Info :
If, after saving the order, you want to immediately assign a specific driver, then check the box
6-7. Map :
Depending on the chosen cartography, the program will build, calculate the route, and put down numbered markers of delivery / completion addresses. Additionally, you can display cars on the map by ticking Display drivers on map
8. Save the order :
If all data has been successfully entered and it can be put into operation. Click Cancel - if the order becomes unnecessary for some reason.
  • Checking the Settings :
    – Click on the Settings Section button on the top of home screen.
    – You’ll see the list of settings on the left side

  * User Settings : You can add as many Users/ Dispatchers as you want by pressing on Add, double click on your User account, to be able to see and edit your User Access

The Taxi Admin software package has the ability to create users with specific access rights. That is, dispatchers can restrict access to settings or statistical data by first creating a user for the dispatcher with an individual login and password. When registering in the dispatch program, a user with access rights is automatically created

* Telephony Settings : you can add your SIP telephony settings and integrate it in our system, or you can use ours under request as well

* Passenger Payments : Tariffs :

– General Tariffs : you can add and edit tariffs and fare details for taxi service Customers as well as add optional services

-Flexible Tariffs : In flexible tariffing, it is possible to customize zones in which you can set a different price per kilometer, indicate an addition to the basic price for crossing such zones, create tariffs from zone to zone.

* Driver Payments :

Then click the “Add” button 1 and enter the required data in the appeared field 2, where you can apply the following :

  • Tariff name – the name of the settlement.
  • Charge for Cash Job – the amount charged to the driver for a cash order.
  • % from Cash Payment – the percentage charged to the driver for a cash order.
  • Prepaid Job Fee – the amount that is charged from the driver for a non-cash order.
  • % Prepaid Fee – the percentage charged to the driver for a non-cash order.
  • Exchanger price – the amount that is withdrawn from the driver for the order taken from the exchanger.
  • Exchanger (%) – the percentage charged to the driver for the order taken from the exchanger.
  • Daily, The driver’s subscription fee for the program – the amount is withdrawn, once a day, from the driver’s account upon the first entry.
  • Refusal Penalty – the amount charged to the driver for canceling the order.
  • Visa / MC settlement fee – the amount that is debited from the driver when calculating cl. payment cards Visa / MC
  • % Visa / MC calculation – the percentage deducted from the driver when calculating the class. payment cards Visa / MC

Then press the “Save” button 3 and update the saved data. Let’s consider another type of driver payment settings 6 from the “General” tab, which depends on the kilometer made by the driver and the total amount for the trip. To do this, click the “Add” button 5, in the field that appears, you can set the interval for the mileage or the amount within which another monthly fee from the driver will be valid, which is displayed in the column “% of the order value” and will be charged in accordance with the selected settings. Remember to save 7 the data and update 8 the data. You can always delete the created mutual settlement upon the fact of the completed order. Just select the line of the created mutual settlement, and click the “Delete” button 9. You can also check the box, activate the option – “Take into account all driver payment settings” which activates a special payment setting, taking into account all tariff settings

* Zones Setup : you can add and edit as many zones as you want, and assigning certain drivers and tariffs to a particular zone

* Map : under the Map section you can add/edit as many points as you want under the Points List, as well as cities, streets and buildings under the Address Book. This Allows you to even add certain areas or specific buildings that some maps don’t have

* Main Settings : Here you can check and edit your Basic settings, Default Price settings, Map Settings, Sector settings, Jobs settings and Servers subsection

* Interface Language : you’re able to to change the Interface language of the software. If your Language is not listed, we can add it under your request

* Driver Application : Here you can customize, enable or disable certain options in the driver application including the GPS Taximeter, on-street jobs and buttons and sections

* Discounts/Prizes/Bonuses : you can set and edit Discounts, Rewards and/or Bonuses

* Clients Bonuses : Here you can add Bonuses for clients depending on the number of orders or type of orders or the distance, as well as setting promo-codes and referral program

* Drivers Bonuses : you can allow Bonuses system for drivers as well as set drivers points

* Automation Settings : all Automatic options are available under the Automation Settings,. Dispatching automatic options, Informing automatic options and Data clearing

* Exchange Settings : Allows you to add Partners Settings for Exchange Information

* Passenger Application : Here you can customize, enable or disable certain options in the passenger application including display options, capabilities, information about your service, information about your clients and authorization methods

* Payment Settings : Allows you to refill driver account, set up payment systems for for clients’ payments through the client application and payment by URL

* API Access : here you can adjust API settings for interacting with the system as for drivers, clients, partners and bonuses. As well as to set the ReCaptcha settings and Online Booking Form settings

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