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Automation settings

  • Dispatching :

Here are the options in which allows you to set automatic assignments for drivers, 1. assign next driver in case of no confirmation of the job bny other drivers

2. This allows the driver to respond to jobs at a specified time himself

3. This is the waiting timeout for assignment of the driver to job

4. This option allows to assign drivers that do not use taximeter for automatic assignment to jobs

5. Here you can set a sequence of assigning drivers to jobs

  • Jobs with discount :
  1. Here it allows you to set time period during which driver will ne be assigned to next job with discount
  2. Allows you to set maximum count of jobs with discount
  3. It allows to disable the assignment of driver to job with discount if previous job was cancelled
  4. Moves drivers who completed job with discount to top of queue
  5. Allows you to set maximum number of bonus jobs
  6. Moves driver who completed the bonus job to front of queue
  • Finding of sector :
  1. Here you choose the default zone where the system will set the driver
  2. This allows you to place driver in the sector in which pickup address is located
  3. This puts the driver at the end of the queue after order completion
  4. This allows to remove the driver from queue if driver is assigned
  5. This removes the driver from queue if driver accepts job manually
  6. This removes the driver from queue when driver responds to job and select time arrival
  7. This enables automatic removal from sector of drivers who have been on pause
  8. This is for driver who is set into sector, took the job and completed it but forgot to close it, and then again set to sector. Job will end automatically
  9. This option makes the automatic movement of the driver to the end of the queue
  • Auto set in sector by GPS :

This automatically places the driver to zone depending on the factual GPS data or coordinates

  • Cancellations from orders :

1- This option allows to write off the penalty from the driver if he responded to job but did not confirm it when the system assigned the latter

2- Automatically moves a driver by queue if he ignored the job to which the system assigned him

3- Punishment of drivers for refusals : This allows to automatically withdraw penalty form driver when refusing a job

4- replacing driver to bottom of queue in case of refusal

5- To give a driver all the penalties for refused jobs previously in case he takes that refused job before him

  • Assignment by radius :
  1. This allows to enable automatic search for the nearest car
  2. This shows the time spread when car arrives to client in minutes
  3. This table shows the radius for automatic assignment, and it gives you the option to choose in which order to assign drivers automatically

4- Here is the assignment to job “following” to choose the maximum distance and radius from driver to final point

5- Radius for choosing a driver among those responded job, this allows to chose the most suitable driver and his appointment for the job depending on settings you put here

6- Here you can set the auto set of nearest driver depending on the routing server

7- Here you can turn on search by radius in case the search by routing has not picked up any driver

  • Informing :

– Here are the options in which you adjust the way of how to inform clients at different stages before, during and after the ride through SMS or Calls, yet first you need an SMS provider and activate SMS templates which comes after this

  • In SMS provider you need to connect the settings of this particular provider, by adjusting the settings of county, SMS service, mobile number and all details you get from the SMS service account
  • SMS Templates, here you adjust the information that should be informed via SMS to clients at different stages of the ride as you can see in details under boxes of each stage
  • Call Templates, here you adjust the information that should be informed via calls to clients at different stages of the ride as you can see in details under boxes of each stage
  • Push notifications : in which you can send push notifications on both platforms to all clients at once as requested
  • Settings of Email sending : here you can send customers an email with the report or receipt of ride once settings the configurations SMTIP configuration for sending
  • Data cleaning :

Here you can enable the automatic database cleanup service and set the time frame for that operation

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