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Driver app

  • General settings :

– Application :

  1. Driver Application Settings : Placeholders : in here it shows the abbreviation prefixes for house number and flat number
  2. Here you can set the minimum amount for the driver’s balance in which the driver cannot take new order if the balance is less than what you set in here
  3. Time of arrival (in minutes) : here you can specify the time of arrival once driver is assigned to an order, it shows in buttons to select which time to arrive to the pick up address
  4. This option allows the driver to see more than four option about the time of arrival
  5. This option allows automatic calculation of arrival time to pick to destination by map API when Location is enabled
  6. Order total amount settings : this option allows to choose the distance measurement unit whether by Kilometers or miles, you can also set the required coefficient in the manual correction field
  7. Rounding the amount, to calculate mathematically to closest number, if set to 0 rounding is not required
  8. If this option is enabled, all taximeter data about a particular order such as : order cost, idle time and distance will be transmitted online and updated in the dispatcher’s motherboard

9. Voice acting final amounts : here you can select the voice language in which the taximeter will pronounce upon closing the order

10. Driving time synchronization : this option enabled means the driver will no longer be able to work with the application if its time is different from the server time

11. This option allows you to set the time difference between that which the driver has in his device and the server time

12. Link to the driver’s application : here you can see the direct link to driver’s application on both platforms Android and IOS, you can also click on the button next to each one to take you directly to the market

13. Card settings in the driver application : here you can choose the type of map used in the driver application

14. Photo report on job : here you can enable the option to take a photo after the driver confirms that the passenger is in the car through the “with passengers” button, as well as you can enable the option to take a photo after the job is completed. Also, you can set the time in seconds in which the photo will be taken during the execution of the order each number of seconds you set, 0 means this function is disabled

– GPS Taximeter :

  1. Timeout and Downtime settings : free client waiting time (in minutes) : this indicates the number of minutes that will not be taken into account in driver’s application
  2. If this option is enabled the free waiting time will start calculating from the moment of the dialing to the client, otherwise it will be calculated from the moment of when the driver presses on “arrived” or “on place”
  3. If this option is enabled, then the free waiting time will be taken into consideration in pre-orders jobs or reservations
  4. Here you can set the speed rate in which the waiting time will start to count if the speed is the same or less as of which you have set in this option, if the speed is more, it will stop counting the waiting time
  5. Here you can set the period of time in seconds in which it starts counting after the set number of seconds. This is option is helpful in case of wanting to avoid downtime in short stops
  6. Add waiting time fee to minimal ride fare : here it allows you to add the full cost of waiting time to the minimum price
  • 7. Tariff Application Settings : Match tariffs to car types : here you can enable this option if you want to calculate the cost of the trip based on the fare of the driver not of the order itself
  • 8. This option blocks the driver from being able to select a tariff class in the taximeter on received order
  • 9. This option allows the driver to manipulate the tariff in the taximeter after starting the ride, otherwise after clicking start the ride the driver will no longer have control of the tariff selection
  • 10. If this option is enabled, then when the driver clicks on the stop button after finishing the ride, it will show the minimum price of the tariff if the complete price is less than the minimum
  • 11. Here the driver can manually add additional prices for additional services
  • 12. Dialog display settings : This option asks the driver for confirmation upon pressing on “arrived” and “with passengers” buttons to avoid click mistakes
  • 13. This option will ask the driver upon pressing on “with passenger” to select the arrival sector
  • 14. If this option is enabled, the driver will have to make a sector selection as an arrival sector, otherwise driver cannot close the arrival sector selection window

– On street jobs :

  1. Transmit on-street jobs (when driver starts in-app taximeter) this allows you to send data about start/end of an order in the taximeter
  2. Place to the bottom of the line upon job completion, this enables automatic movement to the end of the driver’s queue after the driver has closed the left order
  3. Debit charges for on-street jobs : this allows to withdraw money from the driver when he closes the left order
  4. Debit charges using factual taximeter data, this allows the use of settings for the settlement of the actual data from the taximeter when closing the left order
  5. Minimum distance for withdrawing funds for the left job (meters), to set the minimum distance in meters in which funds will be withdrawn for the left job
  6. Minimum value of the job to withdraw funds for the left job (UAH), to set the minimum value in which funds will be withdrawn for the left job
  7. Send job with zero distance to false jobs when driver finish job
  • Buttons and sections :

1- Enable “away” button, this allows the appearance of the away button which allows driver to pause during operation without exit

2- Driver IDs on map, this allows the driver to see the call signs of other drivers of his service in the map section

3- Send alarm signal in driver application, this disables the SOS signal when driver clicks on SOS button in driver app

4- Signature on the SOS button (instead of the standard “abort”)

5- Queue of drivers, allows the driver to see a list of other drivers in same service in a particular sector when clicking on it

6- Enable “quit the line” button, this allows the driver to exit the sector in the list of sectors

7- This is the minimum distance in which the driver is allowed to click on “on place” to arrive to the address

8- Enable “reset” button in taximeter, this allows the driver to reset the counting of the taximeter

9- Enable “pause” button in taximeter, this will allow the “stop” button to work as a “pause” and then after clicking on start button the counting will continue

10- Display tariff info, this option allows the driver to see the fare information in taximter

11- Allow correcting ride fare, this allows the driver to change the order amount

12. this allows you to enable the gps taximeter

13. this allows the driver to enter the cost of order manually

14. this allows driver to to refuse the order which he is assigned to

15. this gives driver chance to refuse the order which he confirmed

16. this option allows the driver to cancel the order when he is already in place and waiting

17. list of causes of failures that most likely to happen

18. this option allows to call client by driver through sip server

19. this allows driver to respond automatically to order when clicked on

20. client rating access mode

  • Display settings :

list of jobs : here you can change options that will be displayed in driver app under jobs

  • display radius :

here you can limit the display of orders by distance

  • job info :

here you can choose information about job that will be displayed in driver app or not

  • client data and additionally :

here you can choose which client data should be displayed or not and other information as well

  • Menu constructor :

here you can add the options that will appear in the control panel of driver app in the left side bar

  • Resume template :

This is the resume template for drivers who want to register when first time opening the application, you can add what you require for them in terms of the driver himself/herself and the car

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