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Main settings

  • Basic settings :

In Basic settings, you have panel of setting the main information about your service such as :

– Taxi Logo : here you can add the logo of your company or service

– Company name : here you can add/ change the name of your service

– County : to choose the country in which the company is based

– City : to choose the city in which the company is specifically located

– Currency : the currency in which you would like to use in tariff systems for passengers, drivers and dispatchers

– Time zone : here you can set the time zone in which your service is locally based on to reflect time statistics in order creation time and completed orders as well through the whole process

– Language of taxi service : to select the language in which it will apply in dispatch panel as a whole

  • Price calculation :
  1. Default price settings :

– Calculation type : here you have many options to choose the calculation type, it’s set by default to fare by taximeter, which means the Taximeter will calculate the fare automatically according to the details you have put in Passenger payments, general

– Default tariff : here you can set a default tariff class in which are created under Passenger payments, general

2. Rounding the price of pre-calculation : here you can adjust the rounding of the pre-calculated price from 1 up to 5

3. Rounding the price for the distance (without waiting time) : you can adjust the price for the distance excluding the waiting time, from -1 up to 5

4. Rounding the price for the waiting time (without distance) : you can adjust the price for the waiting time excluding Distance, from -1 up to 5

5. Rounding method : here you have options to set the type of rounding whether it’s rounding to the nearest, rounding up or rounding down

6. Recalculation of price : here you can set the maximum deviation from the calculated order value, it means you can set the maximum value difference from the actual pre-calculated order value

  • Map settings :
  1. Map calculation : there are different types of maps to choose from to enable in manual order making
  2. API key : some maps require an API key to be activated including Google map
  3. Other maps : here you can choose the map used for monitoring, tracking, setting points, sectors and polygons, it’s by default OSM Open Street Map
  4. Map center coordinates : this shows the latitude and longitude of map center, in other words whenever you open the map it shows you the exact point in coordinates as the center of your map
  5. Autocomplete address suggestions : in here you have different options as to choose which map to suggest addresses when searching or entering a certain address, Google map is the most effective and it gives five suggested addresses as after selecting it and entering the API key
  6. Automatically populate the service database by map : this option automatically allows the system to show added addresses in the database in the system
  7. Mark auto-added addresses as “Moderated” : if you set this option on, then the address you’re entering which is in the database will be marked as “Moderated”
  8. This option will allow the system search engine to detect the level of precision while searching for an address
  9. This option allows you to add an inaccurate address as unmoderated to the address book in case the driver clicks on the spot
  • Sector settings :
  1. Zones settings : this option allows to sort zones by name instead of order by creation time
  2. This allows you to enable the ability of the driver to occupy multiple zones at the same time
  3. Additional sectors : you can set how many sectors the driver can occupy if you turn option 2 on
  4. Here you can set a certain time in which the driver will be removed from a sector in case of inactivity
  5. Display driver om the line : here you have options of how you would like to display your drivers in the queue
  • Jobs settings :

Operation settings :

1. Display pre-orders before start : here you can set the time as to which the order will be passed on from advanced jobs to new jobs

2. Display advance jobs in the driver app prior to : this allows you to limit the appearing advanced jobs to driver by a specific time you set

3. This option allows the system to hang up the phone call immediately after the job has been created

4. To copy the estimated price and paste it in the comment section of that particular job

5. This option allows you to add the ability for dispatchers to assign a driver manually while making a manual order

6. This options allows you to add a prefix to the client number

7. This option will allow you to select a corporate account even without marking it as favorite, in case of many accounts, the first one will be selected

  • Servers :

IP addresses of servers used by your taxi service : this is extremely important for the connection of driver app to the system of dispatch panel or the motherboard

  1. Server 1 : here is the setting of the first server in which your service is operating under, including the IP address and the IP key
  2. Server 2 : Here is the backup server in case of any connection loss with the server 1

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