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Passenger payments

  • Passenger Payments : General Tariffs :
  1. Tariffs for taxi service customers : here are the tariffs classes or names in which will apply in taximeter and be shown for customers too if needed
  2. Here is the tariffs control panel in which you can set the charging prices according to distance and time : Start fee, price per km, fee per waiting hour, minimum price and ride per hour fee. Plus, you can set the display option for customers whether you want any class to be displayed both in application and web form or not, changing colors and the period of operation for each class
  3. Add : here you can add another class or name for tariff settings and name it as you want
  4. Save : after making any changes you can save here
  5. Additional settings : here you can go into more details for each tariff class/name, you can use configuration of fare depending on distance, points or time intervals. In addition to that, you can edit tariff information and add logos to each class
  6. Add : here you can add another Price setting based on distance, points or intervals
  7. Here you can remove any option added
  8. Save : to save any changes being made
  9. Optional services (for all tariffs) : here you can add additional services for extra charge, check the image according to the optional services
  1. Additional services (extra charge) : in here you can see the id, service name, adding to option, price type, client and driver. You can add a new service, apply a price to it in “adding to” option, then choose whether it’s a fixed amount you want to add or a percentage under “price type”, and to make it displayed for both clients and drivers
  2. Add : here you can add a new additional service
  3. Delete : you can remove any additional service in the list above
  4. Save : here you can save the changes made
  • Flexible :
  1. Polygons : here are the settings for Polygons created in the system
  2. Add : you can add a new polygon from here
  3. On the map you’ll get to create a new polygon and you can see it in the meantime
  4. Get zone tariff : after the creation of the polygon, clicking here will give you the ID of that particular polygon created
  5. Here you can see the polygon ID and name which you can add
  6. Refresh map : here you can refresh the current page to see what’s being saved in the database and what’s not
  7. Save : to save all the changes being made
  8. Delete : you can select a polygon from the map with the right button of the mouse and click delete to remove it
  9. Passenger payments : these are the passenger tariffs charges for a particular polygon created
  10. Here you can click on any tariff class in passenger payments “9” and then click Change to edit the tariff charges for that particular polygon
  11. Polygon migration tariffs : Here when you have more than one polygon, you can create certain tariff settings from one polygon to another and vice versa
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