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Zones setup

* Zones Setup :

1- Create Sector : here you can click and then point on map and create a sector by selecting dots and combining them to form a zone

2- Create linked sector : here you can add a sub sector or a linked sector to the first created sector so that both of them are linked in drivers and job accepting order

3- Delete Zone : here you can delete a zone after selecting it

4- Show sector : after selecting a certain zone from the list up top, then press here 4 it will direct you to the selected zone

5- Display all : here you can see all zones created at once

6- Here you can see Zone ID and Zone Name created in the database and shown in the list below 6

7- Here you can refresh and therefore show only the zones and changes made and saved in the database, anything that wasn’t saved will not appear

8- Save : here saving every new sector being created or other changes

9- Refreshing the map, zooming out to show clearer the zones created

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