Welcome to Testing page of TaxiAdmin software

ℹ️ On this page you can see step by step instruction, how to use passenger and driver apps.

👀 For best view prepare two phones, first – for passenger app, second – for driver app.

See instruction below ⬇

Passenger App step-by-step

Step 1 - Installation

1️⃣ Install the App “Cloud Taxi” from AppStore or PlayStore.
2️⃣ Open App and choose Demo from the list. Register.

Get taxi

Step 2 - Select address

1️⃣ Push on “Where we are going”
2️⃣ Enter the address and select from the list or click “Choose on the map”

Taxi Passenger App

Step 3 - Options

👍You can select car type, payment type, time, add extra options and comment
1️⃣ Push “Confirm”

Searching a taxi

Step 4 - Searching a car

👍 You can change the price and add extra option on searching status.
🚕 To continue, you need to go to the Driver App, install and getting the job.

Step 5 - Car on the way

👀 Details of driver, car and current position

Step 6 - car on position

👍 You can call to the driver or taxi company

Step 7 - nice trip

🚕 Good job

Step 8 - rating

1️⃣ Rate the trip

Drivers App step-by-step

Step 1 - Installation

1️⃣ Install the App “TA Driver Alpha” from AppStore or PlayStore.
2️⃣ Open App and check Demo from the list -> Next -> SignUp (Registration).

Step 2 - Сhoose a job

👀  Points on the map – this is the position of jobs.
1️⃣  Choose a point on the map, that you like.

Step 3

👀 You can see details of chosen job.
1️⃣ Push “Take job”

Step 4

👀 When the system accepted you to the job, you will see this notification.
1️⃣ Push “Accept”

Step 5

🚕 Status when the driver going to point A.
1️⃣ Push “Arrived”

Step 6

🚕 Status when the driver waiting for a client.
1️⃣ Push “With passenger”

Step 7

👀 Taximeter calculate distance and time waiting.
1️⃣ Push “Drop Off”

Step 8

👀 Receipt – price details.
1️⃣ Push “Finish”

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